Seminar March 2017

Hydrometallurgy Seminar March 2017 - Presentations

From Ore to Product

The NFR-BIA Hydromet project arrange yearly seminars related to our effort to heighten competence in Hydrometallurgy. Here you find information and presentations from the seminar on 7th-8th March, 2017 arranged at Thon Hotel Arena in Lillestrøm (outside Oslo, Norway).

Here are links to the seminar program and list of participants.

Presentations that have been authorized for distribution among the seminar participants are accesible from the links below. When time and resources become available video recordings will be added.

  • BILLARD, Isabelle (LEPMI, FR): Extraction and separation of metals using (as less as possible) ionic liquids [ PDF ]
  • BJØRNSTAD, Tor (IFE, NO): Presentation of IFE (was not presented at the seminar, but relates to Liv Stavsetra's presentation of IFE) [ PDF ]
  • ERIKSEN, Dag Ø. (UiO, NO): Norwegian anorthosite as possible source for Al [ PDF ]
  • FREDRIKSEN, Jens (DK): Olivine as source for Mg [ PDF ]
  • GOETHMANN, Frederic (FR): Hydrometallurgy in France (EHI and PROMETHEE) [ PDF ]
  • JENSEN, Ina Beate (NTNU, NO): Precipitation of Iron Oxies in Zinc and Nickel Production [ PDF ]
  • LERUM, Hans V. (UiO, NO): Speciation of Cd in hydrochloric acid environment [ PDF ]
  • ROLLAT, Alain (FR): Separation of rare earth elements [ PDF ]
  • HOOGERSTRAETE, Tom Vander (U. Leuven, BE): Separation of REE with Ionic liquids [ PDF ]
  • ØYE, Bjarte (NO): Use of Norwegian Wood Ashes as Secondary Raw Materials. The FME-CEnBio Project [ PDF ]

The following presenters did not wish to have their slides distributed. If you need access to their slides please contact them directly:

  • JENSEN, Morten Breinholt (NOAH, NO): Treatment and recovery of hazardous inorganic waste- an industrial perspective [ ]

Pictures from the event can be found here.

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