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Komplett liste over tilgjengelige presentasjoner med lysark og video.

Her er alle foredragene som ble holdt i løpet av hydrometallurgi prosjektet listet opp alfabetisk etter navn på foredragsholder. Hvis du ser etter foredrag fra spesifikke seminarer eller temaer trykk her.

Aasly, Kurt (NTNU)

The Blue Nodules and other deep water projects


Andersen, Niels Højmark (UiO)

Applications of Vibrational spectroscopy for Solvent Extraction


Andreassen, Jens-Petter (NTNU)

Chrystallization and Precipitation


Austrheim, Håkon (UiO)

Minerals as absorbents for effluents containing toxic metals


Bakke, Per (OiW)

Norsep - extraction of metal products from MSWI fly ash


Bergfald, Baard (Bergfald Miljørådgivere)

Short brief on REE processing in Norway


Billard, Isabelle (LEPMI)

Introduction to ionic liquids


Billard, Isabelle (LEPMI)

Using Ionic Liquids in Hydrometallurgy


Billard, Isabelle (LEPMI)

Separation using Ionic Liquids


Bjørnstad, Tor (IFE/UiO)

On-line analyses using neutrons


Bøckman, Oluf (Glencore Nikkelverk)

Leaching and Filtration


Dotterud, Ole Morten (Glencore Nikkelverk)

Application of Solvent Extraction Technology in the Nickel Industry


Dotterud, Ole Morten (Glencore Nikkelverk)

Presentation of Glencore Nikkelverk, including use of Nickel


Dotterud, Ole Morten (Glencore Nikkelverk)

Complete Process Sheet for a Whole Factory


Dotterud, Ole Morten (Glencore Nikkelverk)

Solvent Extraction in HM with examples from Nikkelverk


Dotterud, Ole Morten (Glencore Nikkelverk)

The Nickel Laterite Industri With A Focus On Hydrometallurgy


Eivindson, Torkild (Glencore Nikkelverk)

Process measurements on-line


Eivindson, Torkild (Glencore Nikkelverk)

Analytical Chemistry in a HM Factory


Ekberg, Christian (CTU)

Recycling NiMH-Batteries


Ekberg, Christian (CTU)

Thermodynamics of solutions


Eldrup, Nils Henrik (Univ. College SE-Norway)

Estimating investment cost of a new plant


Eriksen, Dag Øistein (UiO)

Scarcity of resources in Europe. Can Norway help?


Eriksen, Dag Øistein (UiO)

Eh-pH diagrams and their application in HM


Eriksen, Dag Øistein (UiO)

Norwegian anorthosite as possible source for Al


Fredriksen, Jens ( )

Olivine as source for Mg


Goettmann, Frederic (Extracthive)

Hydrometallurgy in France (EHI and PROMETHEE)


Hoogestraet, Tom Vander (KU-Leuven)

Separation of REE with Ionic liquids


Häkkinen, Antti (LUT)

Solid-Liquid separation activities at Lappeenranta University of Technology


Häkkinen, Antti (LUT)

Solid/Liquid separation


Jensen, Martin Breinholt (NOAH)

Treatment and recovery of hazardous inorganic waste- an industrial perspective


Jenssen, Ina Beate (NTNU)

The iron problem


Jenssen, Ina Beate (NTNU)

Precipitation of ferric salts in sulphuric acid environment


John, Jan (Praha Techn. Univ.)

Kinetic effect in separation of metal ions with very similar properties and its modelling


Kukurugya, Fero (VITO)

Leaching of metals from secondary lead smelter matte


Kumulainen, Tiina (OsloMet)

Online analyzer enabling automatic control of an copper solvent extraction plant


Lauten, Rolf Andreas (Pionera, Borregård)

Pionera Technology Presentation


Lerum, Hans V. (UiO)

Speciation in industrial solutions


Lerum, Hans V. (UiO)

Off-line ICP-MS analyses and industrial solutions


Lerum, Hans V. (UiO)

A student's perspective on Chemical Activity in HM


Lerum, Hans V. (UiO)

Speciation of Cd in hydrochloric acid environment


Löfstrand, Karin (Chromafora)

Using Ligand Modified Micellar Enhanced Ultrafiltration(LM-MEUF) as a tool for REE extraction and separation


Magnaldo, Alastair (CEA, ENVIREE)

Beneficiation and Leaching


Messenlien, Anne Gry (Elkem)

Refining of silicon


Møll, Maria Førde (Boliden Odda)

Presentation of Boliden Odda, including use of Zink


Målsnes, Agnar (Boliden Odda)

HM Environmental Concerns and Legislation


Petranikova, Martina (Chalmers UT)

Recovery of REE from mine tailings. EnviREE project


Rollat, Alain (AR Consulting)

LYNAS - A sustainable non Chinese Rare Earths supplier


Rollat, Alain (AR Consulting)

Separation of rare earth elements


Rosenkilde, Christian (Norsk Hydro)

From bauxite to Al-metal. Environmental issues.


Safarian, Jafar (NTNU)

Hydrometallurgical processes at NTNU for sustainable production of feedstock for aluminum and solar industries


Salminen, Justin (Boliden)

Circularity in the zinc processing


Sand, Svetlana (UiO)

Removal of Cd from nitrophosphate solutions


Slagnes, Steinar (Sibelco)

Olivine for heavy metal removal


Stavsetra, Liv (IFE)

Presentation of IFE


Steenari, Britt-Marie (Chalmers)

Urban mining – can ashes from combustion of household waste become a source of valuable metals?


Swang, Ole (SINTEF/UiO)

Towards first-principles computation of aqueous thermodynamics of metal ions


Sørenssen, Thore Jarle (Teknova)

Hydrometallurgical case studies


Sørenssen, Thore Jarle (Teknova)

Process Intensification


Vascon, Alessio (UiO)

Separation of Cd from mixed nitric-phosphoric acid environment


Wahlström, Margaretha (VTT)

Treatment of mine water for discharge or recycling


Wærnes, Ole (SINTEF Industry)

The future of hydrometallurgy in Norway


Yang, Yonxiang (TU Delft/NTNU)

Hydrometallurgical recovery of REEs and valuable metals from e-waste



Extraction of zinc from secondary sources - pilot experiences from Swerea MEFOS


Øye, Bjarte (SINTEF)

Use of Norwegian Wood Ashes as secondary raw materials. The FME-CEnBio project


Nettstedansavarlig: Jon Petter Omtvedt (UiO)